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flight instructor certificate (cfi)
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Penn is deeply committed to fostering a culture that welcomes a diverse set of customers and dedicated team members . In addition, as a long- standing good corporate citizen, Penn is also committed to being a trusted and valued member of its communities and a responsible steward of our finite natural resources.

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earning your cfi shouldn’t take months and cost thousands of dollars. and, it wont if you train with ken doherty in memphis, tennessee.


the cfi program is all-inclusive and structured to maximize the use of student’s time allowing applicants to finish their cfi in days and at their own pace.  you will pay one price for the program, which includes ground and flight instruction, foi and cfi computerized knowledge test, all materials and supplies, airplane for training and check ride, and examiners fee.


students are paired up as study partners, where one student will assume the role of “instructor” and the other as an “observer” then switch roles. this permits students to observe maneuvers and activities before they must perform them. this process eliminates many training errors permitting students to earn their certificate in less time. 


dedicated classroom, asa training materials, modern techniques and equipment utilized.


you can start the cfi program anytime you are ready by calling ken doherty at (901) 270-8741 or clicking here and sending an email.


inexpensive lodging and other accommodations available near the airport.


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